Thursday, December 3, 2009

Early X-Mas & Other Stuff

A request I did for a friend a couple of days ago when I had art block.

Same pic as before, only inked. Ugh, forgot to save it as a PNG, now it looks like shit as JPEG.

A picture that I did for Brewfest that I never finished. I was too busy at the time. It was a gift piece for my friend, Zandrae. She was feeling down in the dumps, so I made this drawing to cheer her up.
This initially was going to be a picture for the Holiday card contest, but I changed my mind. I had already gotten a brand new headset and whatnot, so I didn't see a point. lol Plus, I felt like my skills weren't exactly ready to compete with some of the people that do the fan art in the Blizz art gallery. I got extremely lucky though when they hosted one of my drawings though, so that gave me a boost of confidence to keep practicing.

Another picture I've been working on for a while. I haven't really drawn birds, so it's kinda bleh on the flight form drawing. I think it came out okay.

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